'I am unable to explain much. Thus, I let those papers prattle.'

        He hails from the City of Joy, Kolkata. A Bengali with a global perspective.  An academic being and a student of core science.
        An aficionado of Western classical music periods of Baroque and Romantic eras. Bach taught him to be methodical; Handel handled vastness. Beethoven, his imaginary Godfather made him an absolute pure one from the heart, and lastly, Gustav Mahler, with his majestic low scale compositions, enlightened the photographer with contemplation. Minutely.  
     Dwelling in the world of the film rolls, manual lens, his mind ended up making him as a photographer.  Starting out with a rangefinder, digital point and shoot became the way for him. Not carrying too many gears is his method to maneuver.  
  Starting with film photography, Ilford and Kodak Ektachrome 100 had helped to open the door for a betterment.  Salutation for his grandfather, as he was able to give Anirban some last remaining Ektachrome 35mm film rolls. Printing is a fundamental process in photography. The customers would immensely be happy to be provided with an exquisite class of printed art-works. (More about photo papers)
'Art can come from anywhere but the establishment of a true and honest dedication are what, give the term Photography its rightful throne.'

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