Photo Papers

A Print is the final movement of a symphony, to a photographer.

I justify the paper surfaces based on the temper of a photograph. These papers are OBA-free (OBA-Optical Brightening Agent). OBA artificially enhances the brightness of a paper but gets faded over time and turn a print yellow. Canvas, Etching, Rag categories have no OBA as they are made from 100% cotton fibers. The photo-papers have Archival standards.

Taking proper care, these papers can last for 180-200 years. The prints are true-to-detail, vivid and perfectly contrasted. The environment I deal with to print the artworks is the best in class, controlled with quality.


Surface Types and Paper Classifications

Enhancing Matte or Smooth Matte | Pearl, Smooth Pearl(Minimal or Moderate OBA)

*Artist Papers: Classic Canvas | Etching Paper (Higher /GSM) | Textured Matte or Semi-Glossy Fine Arts | Photo Rag Baryta | Giclée (0% OBA)

portrait photography


landscape photography


abstract photography

fine art photography

Frame Hanging System 


Sleek and clutter-free hanging methods are always appreciated.

Whether it's a house in Beverly Hills or an extravagant(!) hotel in Monaco. The presentation must be met with a proper display method.  The basic    Gallery System hanging methods are with Click Rail (and Pro), Top Rail (For Ceiling), Steel Twisted Cable (Wire), Hanging Hook are appreciated around the world. The artworks will have distinctive presentations.   For the heavier artwork objects, it could be the  Cleat system.


( Note: A frame best placed when it is simultaneous (parallel) with the wall, not making an angle with the wall)


As in India, no such courier companies provide the facility of packaging by their expert staff. It would take time to do secure packaging. The packaging materials would be the SAME for both Domestic orders and International orders. However, the days would be confirmed after an order gets placed (With a Regd. Receipt number).





Domestic:  5-6  Days

International:  8-11  Days


Domestic:  4-8  Days

International: 14-17  Days

Logistic Partners- FedEx, DHL, Blue Dart (Domestic), DTDC (with DPD Group), Indian Post Air